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Our mission is to advocate and educate on behalf of the persistence of wild steelhead and salmon

The Osprey has been bringing the latest science, policy, opinion and news stories to its readers supporting wild Pacific salmon and steelhead conservation and management for 31 years. But we are much more than a publication that you subscribe to because of your own interest in wild fish conservation. The funds we receive from our subscribers allows us send The Osprey to wild fish conservation decision-makers and influencers including scientists, fisheries managers, politicians and wild fish advocates. So when you subscribe/donate to The Osprey, you not only receive a subscription yourself, but you also help us put The Osprey into the hands of the people we need bring to our side to save our wild fish.

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To recover wild steelhead and salmon populations, it is crucial that wild fish advocates maintain a loud, and unified voice. We hope you will enjoy and learn from The Osprey's content and that it will help catalyze the growing chorus of passionate anglers and advocates working for a future with healthy populations of wild steelhead and salmon throughout their native range.

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